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    WRY heat pump mechanical seal repair and maintenance

    Author: Release:2012-10-07
    The WRY heat pump mechanical seal how to repair?Specific methods are as follows:
    Check and solve the various components of the corrosion, friction, wear or damage.

    Apart seal, and throw away the following components: carbon / graphite surfaces; elastomer gasket; spring; fixing screws; any drive ear or anti-rotation pin; broken or damaged bellows; cracked or broken mechanical surface .

    3 Clean remaining components, such as a sleeve, the adapter and so on.

    4. Checking cleaning of Changzhou Wuying hot oil pump parts, to ensure that their original dimensions, tolerances, finish.

    Some metal-carbon fiber composite material must eliminate the stress, the pressure of the finished product is removed after assembly, will prevent the the planar carbon remaining in storage and during transport. If you intend to The Carbon insert a metal bracket, you will better promote his engagement with the shaft.

    6 uses only have been provided by the manufacturer and re-assembled components of the new part. Be sure to use original equipment parts, because many seals manufacturer "or similar technologies to create the component design from the finite element analysis. The SSDs can face, if they are not damaged in any way. Plated or coated surfaces must be stripped and re-plated before grinding.

    7 Check the flatness of the assembly sealed. The vacuum checks should be carried out the active components, in order to ensure that the the Wujin conducting oil pump is not any leakage path or around any of the components. If you choose to check the cartridge to install dual seal air test, to avoid seal soaked in water. If the seal is installed in the back of the hot oil or similar applications, water trapped in the gasket and small cracks will flash steam pressure possible dangers.

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