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    Rubber sealing products technology

    Author: Release:2012-10-07
    As we all know, the rubber seal products in the rubber material, the manufacture of different types, different varieties of seal products by adding various additives. Is widely used to prevent leakage of fluid medium from the machinery, instruments, arising from the static and dynamic, and can prevent the debris and gases into the internal components of the seal mechanism. Rubber sealing products, rubber raw materials to their original rubber products such as: tires, tubes, tape, rubber shoes in a slightly different performance requirements. The author actively engaged in the rubber industry experience in nearly five decades, the material point of view, the special nature of the raw materials used by the rubber sealing products such as the use of its flexibility, strength and other mechanical properties is that it in addition to the characteristics to meet the product structure, but also to meet the products functional characteristics, such as using sound, light, electromagnetic, thermal and other properties. Rubber sealing products, rubber varieties of its raw materials used in the rubber industry the most professional, the the materials disciplines involved, the level of sophistication and means, standard is the most widely used. So, the rubber seal products is not generally vulnerable parts, but the basic components. The failure of the little two fluorine rubber seals, cause the the American Challenger space shuttle plane crash. Production of rubber sealing products with the development of science and technology, environmental protection requirements and health requirements, international bodies have been developed the many standard certification such as NSF, ROHS, PAHS, UL, the FDA, WRAS, TZW such as trace heavy metals content, very strict requirements, even not more than 0.1PPM, to meet these quality certification, it must strictly enforce the relevant norms and standards in the production and processing. While the raw material is first off, did not meet professional standards of raw materials, can not make good products, rubber seal products especially, a better understanding of the raw materials used to manufacture rubber sealing products, in order to make the MFC staff from this issue began to continue to introduce the main varieties of rubber seal products raw materials used, performance standards, and tie.

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