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    O-ring (O-type rubber seals) Installation Notes

    Author: Release:2012-10-07
    O-ring (O-type rubber seals) Installation Notes

    First, install the O-ring (O-type rubber seals)

    Before installing the O-ring (O-type rubber seals), check the following:

    Introduction of angle are drawing processing sharp edges whether chamfer or rounding;

    2 ID deburred surface pollution-free;

    Seals and parts to apply grease or lubricant (to ensure that the elastomer medium compatibility recommended sealed with the liquid to lubricate);

    4 shall use greases containing solid additives, such as molybdenum disulfide, and zinc sulfide.

    , Manually install the O-ring (O-type rubber seals):

    1 tool with no sharp edges;

    2 to ensure that the O-ring (O-type rubber seals) without distorting, shall not be excessive tensile O-ring (O-type rubber seals);


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